1 Essential Plugin for Your WordPress Blog

Take a look at the following comment sections of WordPress blogs:

Comment section

Comment section

Comment section

Comment section

Do you see what’s missing?

Here are another four examples:

Comment section

Comment section

Comment section

Comment section

Do you see what these four comment sections contain that the first four lack? The answer lies in an optional check box a person writing a comment can tick to receive follow-up comments by email.

If I have a choice adding a comment on a blog with the box and a blog without it, I choose the box because I want to know if someone replies to my comment. Without the plugin installed, I may still comment but will never know if I get a response.

Think about that the next time you write a blog post.

You can download the Subscribe to Comments plugin here. I can’t think of a more essential plugin you should have.

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  1. says

    Sooooo true. It’s amazing how many times people don’t have this installed & don’t realize what the problem is. Can’t always fault them though, sometimes they’re just starting out! (Or, really don’t understand the problem)

    Time to tick the box…
    .-= New from Tyler Hayes: Don’t be the next version of outdated =-.

  2. says

    Totally agree with you there! I usually like to subscribe to the comments as well so that I can know how others are responding. There is always something you can learn or utilize from people’s response even though you might have to wade through junk sometimes!
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  3. says

    The last time I was here, you still don’t have Keywordluv. I wasn’t sure if I’m going to recommend it. You can check my post about it by following the link through Commentluv.

    Having subscribe to comments option is a wise move. I also use this on my blog along side Comment Approved Notifier to makes sure that the commentator knows if his/her comment was approved even though he/she didn’t wish to receive subsequent comments through email. It’s also one way of giving thanks to the commentator.
    .-= New from Mathdelane @Software Critics: Keywordluv Abuse and No Follow Free on Do Follow Blogs =-.

  4. says

    Hear, hear! Subscribe to comment is probably the most essential plugin another blogger can have installed.

    But, don’t make the check box ticked by default…feels instrusive and is probably almost illegal in some jurisdictions ;-)

    • Ari Herzog says

      It’s also important to have the box above the submit button… else, what’s the point?

    • Ari Herzog says

      I don’t understand your question. If someone leaves a comment on a blogspot blog, there is an optional checkbox (only if using a google address to leave the comment) to receive followup comments. Is that what you mean?

  5. says

    Hello Ari,

    Great tip about the subscribe to comments. I have seen that on a lot of blogs but didn’t know how to do it. I am a financial consultant by trade, but a newbie blogger trying to learn as much as I can quickly. I wanted to install Commentluv on my site but it says it is only compatible with WP 8 or higher. I don’t want to upgrade my WP version at this moment. Do you know of a version of Commentluv that I could install that is compatible with WP 7? I know a lot of blogs that are not wp version 8 that do have this pluggin. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
    .-= New from Damon Day@Debt Settlement: Get Out of Debt – What Strategy Makes the Most Sense? =-.

  6. says

    You’re right, I don’t like commenting without being able to receive responses via email either… I was able to do away with some extranious plugins by using IntenseDebate with CommentLuv though, so the “receive responses by email” box is automatically included. I recommend it! =o)
    .-= New from Ginger@Custom Design and Digital Art: Ramp Up Your Blog Comments with IntenseDebate =-.

  7. says

    This is really helpful article.
    Commenting is being a part of seo and by installing the keywordsluv and commentluv you can reward your visitors.
    Thanks for sharing such useful information.

  8. says

    you are right Ari, that subscribe to comments is essential. I think it is also very important to use the option to have the subscribe to comments checked by default. Many viewers, especially ones that are not familiar with blogs, might not even notice it and think to check it. So I think it is good to have that checked by default.
    .-= New from Damon@Debt Settlement: Debt Relief USA files Bankruptcy – Clients get Burned =-.