10 Twitterers and Their Blogs Who Inspire Me

Happy Saturday!

Following-up on my desire to change my usage patterns on Twitter and in blogs, I’d like to share with you 10 Twitter users whose blogs I’ve read and commented on over the past week.

As you read through the below, note that every name is linked to a Twitter account and I’ve contextually linked series’ of words to their blog posts.


Most of the blogs in this roundup are aware of the rising buzz of social media, so it’s fitting to give top billing to Andy Beal and recent social media statistics that 22% of 18 to 24-year-olds use Twitter.

People use Twitter differently and Leslie Poston provides a case study of different social media tools one can use to participate in conversations and monitor best practices.

From a business perspective, Tim Walker shares examples why companies may want to use Twitter.

Regardless of the social media tool, you don’t need to follow everything. You don’t need to read everything that everyone writes. After all, Fred Wilson extrapolates if the message is important, it will find you. I agree with this mantra; don’t you?

I visited Wayne John‘s blog for the first time this week, and appreciated his guidance how to be found by search engines which every blogger should read today.

Search engines index not only blog post content but also blog comments; and Danny Brown explains the importance of companies and individuals to monitor blog comments as a means of protecting one’s reputation.

There is a continuing debate about the job identifier of “expert,” and whether someone calling him or herself an expert is a misnomer of the truth. In a revealing video blog post, Seth Simonds opens up why he objects to social media expertise and why you should be critical of anyone purporting that claim.

If not an expert, then what? Stuart Foster wonders what you do and how you explain that to friends and colleagues. If you scroll through the comments, I indicate I don’t call myself an expert but an astronaut. Click Stuart’s blog post link to understand why.

I haven’t spoken at a lot of conferences yet–but Amber Naslund has. When she’s not jaunting around the country, she vegges out at home. In this personal introspection, Amber shares why she enjoys the change of pace.

Finally, I’d like to mention Kim Woodbridge who includes screen shots of a Facebook page she built for her web design business. Here, she illustrates the benefits of creating a Facebook page.

I hope you enjoy following these twitterers and/or bloggers as much as I do.

Photo credit: heiwa4126


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