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This is me.My digital life began at age 7 when I dialed-into America Online bulletin boards.

Holding a Master in Public Administration and 12+ years of experience in brand communications, community relations, public affairs, writing and editing, and social media marketing, I am a connector and storyteller. I provide consulting services in digital marketing.

– In 1993 I reported for my college newspaper when the first graphical web browser was launched. I wrote many articles about the birth of the internet and how to use web tools.

– In 1996, while working in tech support for an internet service provider, I built a 26-page website called Ari’s Simple List of Record Labels. It was profiled on About.com and in a British music magazine.

– In 1999, I managed strategy and development as a webmaster for a B2B firm.

– In 2004, my blogging began. The same year, I started working in government.

– In 2005, I joined Facebook. (LinkedIn in 2007 and Twitter in 2008.)

– In 2009, concurrent with my bid to be a city councilor, I fundraised online. The integration of blogging and social media with yard signs and door knocking led to my election.

– In 2010, I created a LinkedIn group called Strategies and Tips in Social Media Marketing. I manage and moderate over 8,500 members today!

Appearing in many publications including TechRepublic, Poynter, CBS Moneywatch, and Bank of America’s blog, I volunteer on the global board of directors of Social Media Club as their editorial director and I’m the founder of Social Media Breakfast North Shore.

My blog explores digital media — from social networking to digital PR to cloud computing to open government and everything in between.

Posts are sent to 6500+ monthly visitors and syndicated globally via Social Media TodayDemand Media, Newstex, Social Media Informer, and other sites.

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