July 17: Turning a New Twitter Leaf

July 17, 2014 was the day when I scrolled through the people I was following on Twitter and realized they were a mix of political people, cultural people, social builders, influencers, tomorrow’s leaders, and others. It was the day when I observed I curate numerous public and private lists (such as the above links), mostly […]

It Is Hard Saying No

Yes, I want to do this. Yes, I want to do that too. Yes, I will volunteer for you. Yes, I have space and will take that off your hands. Yes, I will take that too. Yes, I will read that. Yes, I will watch that. Yes, I will yes I will yes I will […]

But It Is Not Mundane, Meg!

She thought I’d be bored. She tried telling me my workload would be the same every day. I suppose she wanted me to agree. I didn’t yield from my passion for the job. I had already met with the chief of staff and the deputy chief of staff. Meg was a project manager and part of […]