Hacking the Bejeweled Blitz Game on Facebook

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I started playing the Facebook social game, Bejeweled Blitz, several weeks ago.

It’s a fun game, with the object to line up colored balls in a row to score points. You are provided 60 seconds to line them up. The more balls you line up that are white, blue, yellow, brown, red, or green; the more points you can receive. Only balls that are the same color are eligible for points. If you score so many points in so many seconds, special balls appear that multiply your points.

I called it a Facebook social game. That means it is accessible as a Facebook application, and you can play against your friends to see who can get the most amount of points.

Suffice to say, it’s an addicting game.

PopCap Games, the Dublin, Ireland-based developer, debuted Bejeweled Blitz in December 2008.

After six months, PopCap announced over 5 million Facebook users played the game–with nearly 75% women. I’m unsure why such a large gender gap.

But the game is silly; the developer built it with the ability to cheat.

Earlier tonight, I decided to test it. You can see the result below with 750,000 points. I historically scored about 50,000.

High score on Bejeweled Blitz

High score on Bejeweled Blitz

Zooming out, do you see the horizontal bar immediately above, showing links for time hacks and score multipliers?

A hack for Bejeweled Blitz

A hack for Bejeweled Blitz

While browsing online for hints and tips how to achieve higher scores, I stumbled across a simply-stated blog post that explains the hack using a Greasemonkey script.

After reading how to install the cheat bar and following the directions for what keyboard buttons to press when, I opted to game the game and see what was possible.

The 750,000 score was the beginning…

Highest score

Highest score

Over 600 million points was the result.

I could have chosen not to install the hack, but PopCap Games enabled me to do it so I did. Which begs the question: Why does a game developer include the ability for its game to be hacked?

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    • Ari Herzog says

      You can see from the comments since, this blog post continues to attract attention.

  1. Tony says

    Thank you for this awesome tip, it works great and will drive my friends nuts when they try and beat my score.

  2. Duzzy's Vo says

    Thanks for your posted.But i have a problem,
    I login to facebook by safari becuz i had i Mac pro.
    And i really want to ask you how to install the cheat code for using on Mac ???/
    Can you show me ???

  3. Laura says

    LOL, interesting post the system is offline being worked on because of the scoring issue.

  4. KK says

    That is probably why just yesterday or the day before they took the game down for supposed “scores not being saved properly” problems. Not like they would say “people were getting scores higher than they should have had” or anything. Check the game now .. it is unavailable.

  5. viki guzauskas says

    thats why now we are not able to play. whats the fun of playing when you have the cheats..?
    thanks alot to all those who ruined it for the rest of us!!

  6. says

    No because Facebook has changed it so this no longer works. So don’t bother now. They finally got wise because of all the talk of this and others complaining how unfair it was.

  7. Nicolas says

    That script doesn’t cheat. It enables the cheats that the game *already has*, as created by PopCap.

  8. says

    This, to me, seems to be a prime example of ethical hacking, or victimless hacking. So many people would poo-poo this kind of article because it encourages ‘illegal’ activity, but who really cares? It’s Bejeweled! Unless you’re some kind of avid gamer who praises fair play, teamwork and keeping your mediocre score at the top of the charts, it really shouldn’t matter if someone uses this. You can make your score as ridiculous as possible and get countless awards, so why doesn’t everyone just do it? In the end, does it really matter?

  9. says

    This is awesome. I hope none of my friends would stumble on this site or else I am doomed since I am leading on this game.

  10. says

    Yep, I just KNEW it! A buddy raked in millions of points and said he was THAT good. Eh, it’s a shame really. I’ve dumped hours into that darn game, only to see folks cheat their scores higher… then gain, is it really cheating if the developers allowed that purposefully? Why even have the darn game score points…
    .-= New from Joe@Funny Jokes: Tiger Woods Crash Jokes =-.

  11. says

    cheats? you dont really need cheats for this game! its honestly not that complicated! Its very addictive though, I used to play it on yahoo everyday! love it! would love to try out the latest version now..

  12. says

    Yes, exactly what is the use of cheats in this easy game, i usually passed every part so conveniently, i never got puzzled there.

  13. Peni dyer says

    Does anyone know how to contact bejewel blitz mgnt team? If you have a phone number or a web site for them I would appreciate your letting me know. I have some issues that I need t o have resolved
    Thank you