How to Enhance Your Blog Comment: Focus on KeywordLuv and CommentLuv

Comments have been disabled below. Please visit two updated and separate articles on how to promote your blog with CommentLuv and how to promote your blog with KeywordLuv. Please visit both.

If you frequently add comments on blogs, please accept my thanks. I and other bloggers enjoy reading your thoughts. We jump in joy (really, we do; ask Darren, Chris, Danny, Andrea, Kirsten, or Craig) whenever there is a new comment. If there is a request for response or a call to action, we add a comment back to you.

However, something needs to be said here. Your comment involves multiple parts — and the comment itself is but a bitty part. Forget its weight and focus on the other parts of your comment.

“Huh?” you are probably asking me right now.

Can I share with you a secret as the third part of my week-long series on boosting comments? Please lean your face in closer so nobody else can hear it…

First, an image of what you would see if you add a comment below:

Comment block on

The most important part of the comment you leave has nothing to do with the comment field, but everything you fill in above it: your name, your email address, your URL, and your Twitter handle.

At a minimum, your name and email address are required for reasons elaborated in my comment policy. Everyone fills in those fields. The email address is only shown to me, so I can email you if any questions or to follow-up down the road.

People write their name differently, though. Have a look at six comments added last weekend when I introduced this series. Feel free to click the image to zoom-in if you can’t see each name clearly:

Showing six comments from a recent blog post

The first five comments include the commenters’ names, and many also opted to fill-in their Twitter handles. Hone in on the sixth comment, by Debbie. Look at the red font, which indicates a link. Unlike the other names above her, her name is not linked but other words are linked. Have another look:

Closeup of comment name

Debbie took advantage of my installation of the KeywordLuv plugin (only for WordPress blogs), which enables you to create anchor text next to your name to better describe your URL.

Debbie chose to use words that are in her domain name. I’d argue those are not the best words to use from a search engine optimization perspective. Rather, she should have attributed her website to “Smart Digital Cameras” or “Jacksonville Camera Store” or such. Still, it’s notable the other five commenters only typed their names.

KeywordLuv enhances your URL with contextual linking. The format to use is instead of typing your name, type your name followed by the @ sign followed by the keywords.

For example, instead of your name field being John Smith, you could write:

John Smith @ Smart Blogging Tips
John Smith @ Hummingbird Lyrics
John Smith @ Social Media Strategy

Please limit to three words (after the @ sign) on this blog. If you add more words, be aware I will edit to maintain uniformity.

That’s KeywordLuv. Next up is CommentLuv.

Scrolling up to the screenshot of the six comments, do you see how Arafat, Jon, Mason, Dennis, and Debbie have links after their comments that indicate their last blog posts?

This is the direct result of the five of them previously opting to register a website (and my installation of the CommentLuv plugin for WordPress). Once they register a site and add their URL to a CommentLuv-enabled blog, they will see a dropdown menu in the vicinity of the submit button that offers a choice of the last 10 blog posts to associate with their comment.

In other words, each of them could have chosen one of ten posts to share with other readers — along with their KeywordLuv-enabled link to the URL and their name and Twitter handle.

For more background on both plugins and the benefits of each, please see advice by Growmap on KeywordLuv and Kikolani on CommentLuv.

There you have it, folks. Any questions?

Comments have been disabled below. Please visit two updated and separate articles on how to promote your blog with CommentLuv and how to promote your blog with KeywordLuv. Please visit both.

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  1. says

    I agree with all you’ve said about leaving comments.

    One thing though, and I think it is something that bloggers themselves might consider is that far too many bloggers will not allow a comment that disagrees with their philosophy or point of view. When that happens, that discourages commenters from saying anything.

    Sure, it would be wonderful if every comment was met with thousands of accolades. However, there are lots of bloggers who make mistakes (as I do as well). However, when I have disagreed with some bloggers in the past, I have even been reported to Askimet as a spammer, when nothing could be further from the truth.

    I always attempt to fully explain my point of view when I disagree with a point made by a blogger, but in many many cases that isn’t enough.

    At least when one uses Tweeter or FaceBook, one gets to write something and it appears.

    Not so with many blogs. Many bloggers are very liberal in their politics and life view so long as a commenter agrees. But, they become ruthless when there is the slightest attempt to introduce another viewpoint.

    I haven’t found that here, so I thought I would try to make the point, since you are addressing your comment outward, one comment inward is fair.


    My favorite hobby shop:
    ToysPeriod is a leading online shop specializing in lego sets and model railroad equipment.
    .-= From Beth Charette to you: A Brief History of Ancient Games =-.

      • says

        Thanks for writing about DoFollow, CommentLuv and KeywordLuv Ari. You know I am a huge fan of our community of bloggers who are dedicated to all three.

        I am sure there ARE many bloggers who delete comments because they don’t like them. I believe in respecting the opinions of others and will approve comments as long as they do not attack others, contain profanity (which I will edit out), or link to bad neighborhoods (which, again, I often edit out).

        Hearing viewpoints from as many divergent sources as possible only adds to the discussion and enlightens us all faster.
        .-= From Gail @ KeywordLuv to you: Freelancers: How to Get More Freelance Work =-.

  2. says

    Ari, this is great advice for those that are new to commenting on blogs. I have signed up for the comment luv plugin and find that it works extremely well. Also, if you have a post relevant to the topic at hand, it works even better because people will be inclined to click. Unfortunately, I have not yet created a post on How To Comment on Blogs. I should have done this before writing this comment :)
    .-= From Richard@How To Videos to you: Copy DVD To Hard Drive =-.

  3. says

    I had run across this only once before that I am aware of and the way it was explained confused me. I really like the way your paragraph below explains how this works. Of course with this it forces me to think through what my @ handle should be. A good thing overall, but something long avoided.
    .-= From Fred H Schlegel @ Marketing Innovation to you: Is The American Dream Dead? =-.

    • Ari Herzog says

      You can always change the Keywords, by the way; as the URL can be different, too.

  4. says

    A great and helpful topic.

    Honestly, I lose inspiration to write the next post if I notice that there is almost no to no comment on my posts. To me, comments are the life of a post. If there’s no comment on a post, I feel that’s dead; as well as I end up taking too long time to write up the next post (just because of no inspiration, you know).
    .-= From Aminul Islam Sajib to you: Tips For Paid Review : Don’t Forget Your Blog’s Niche =-.

    • Ari Herzog says

      I’m fond of saying it’s more important to run metrics and gauge readership levels than commenting levels. If people are reading, even if they are not commenting, keep writing.

  5. says

    Hi Ari,

    Thanks for featuring my comment. One of my target keywords for my blog is Best SLR Camera. It gets a decent amount of searches in google every month. My target reader is the new user to digital slr cameras.

    I love comment luv. And I’m sure I’ll get some visitors and comments from your blog. Thanks!
    .-= From Debbie@SLR Camera Bags to you: Get Started With Macro Photography =-.

  6. says

    Great bit this. I’ve asked a few times on twitter about what you expect out of your readers. It’s a different focus than to keep asking what your users should expect from your blog.

    This is right on that topic with advice to your readers about how to make the best use of your comment system. Heck. I’m likely to steal a good bit of this to use on my blog.

    Though KeywordLuv is less common, CommentLuv is very common. Commenters on your blog seem to be mostly up on it, but I’ve seen commenters on other blogs totally missing out.

    Cheers for another great post, your friend,
    .-= From Todd Jordan @ Social Networking Tips to you: Time Magazine Sports Illustrated iPad Future =-.

  7. says

    I followed your CommentLuv featured post here from the debate raging over at HotBlogTips about whether it is better to be do follow or no follow. Everyone who reads me already knows where I stand on that issue and I am glad that you weighed in as well.

    I just added links to this post, your blog, and your about page with appropriate anchor text from my post in support of KeywordLuv. I also added you to my dofollow Twitter list and KeywordLuv Twitter list.

    .-= From Gail @ KeywordLuv to you: KeywordLuv: How Using It Benefits Us All =-.

  8. Mary E. Ulrich says

    Great information I’ve never seen before. Making a comment is more complicated than I would have believed. Recently I was shocked to learn some comments are recorded on Google.

    I have read that you should use the same name, information in order to “brand” who you are. Is it better to mix things up?

    Still learning…
    Actually I would like an example of the “perfect” response.

  9. says

    So far I’ve only experienced Comment Luv. I find it great for posting on blogs and using specific keywords to find that info with. I will have to explore the keyword luv one and see how that one works but definitely will get around to adding them to my blogs.
    .-= From Marie Leonard to you: How To Write A Great Press Release =-.

  10. says

    I do hope I’ve got that right after you’ve just explained it so beautifully. I’ve never understood how to use the keyword idea before. Kinda funny that I couldn’t figure it out. Plus, I see two more posts that I want to read. Thank you for giving me a new tool to add to my commenting arsenal.
    .-= From cheryl @ Stay Young to you: soup served in a toilet bowl and other strange goings-on =-.

  11. says


    This post is important if people are new to the keywordluv plug in because its happened to me and I did not do the name@key word, so thanks for clearing this up and thanks for the link love!

    .-= From Dan@Solid Wood Desks to you: Solid Wood Desks =-.

  12. says

    Hello ARI HERZOG,
    I learnt blog commenting only last week and had done several of them. I have seen commentLuv and how it work but I never knew such thing called keywordLuv until I read your article.
    You have clearly explained what at the features of both commentLuv and keywordLuv and shown picture of the 6 comments as an example for your illustration.
    They are well said and understood. Perhaps, I wonder if we apply them during commenting, is there any implication to our own website in terms of ranking ?

  13. says

    Nice post, comment on blog with commentLuv is a super way to get others to visit your site. I receive hits on my site on a daily basis because of such comments especially if you have an attract headline!

  14. says

    I have been commenting on blogs with the keywordluv plugin now for about 2 weeks now, and I have seen my keywords moved up in the search engines from nothing to about 300 down on the list. This isn’t good, but at least it is a start.

    • says

      You seem to be doing a good job of spamming dofollow blogs with this very same comment. Thanks 4 leaving the same on my blog though i deleted it.

      @Ari: nice blog you’ve got here. i should be leaving some good comments anytime soon. Cheers

      • says

        I run several blogs and it is hilarious to me that I see the exact same comments from the same spammer over and over again. I wonder just how many quality links these spammers get? and how much their sites benefit from said links.

        • says

          I have the same problem on my blogs too. Its a real pain the a** to have go through my blogs to delete all the spam. I had one post the had 4 comments from different email addresses but all with the exact same post content. How in the name of all that is holy do these folks do that anyway? Dont they know it looks like spam? Must be some kind of automated thing me thinks……

          • Ari Herzog says

            If you employ a spam blocker (that you can filter through) then such comments will only be posted if you say so.

  15. says

    I love commentluv, but the only bad thing I ever see from it is that too many people are abusing it and the blog admins are getting tired of the abuse and pull the feature off. i think if you want to get traffic you need to stick it out and keep managing your blog like the rest of us do. Just because you get some spam doesn’t mean that all the other should be penelized for it.
    .-= From adam to you: Police probe armed robbery – Times Record News =-.

  16. says

    comment luv or keyword luv is great, as is do follow. its great for getting them backlinks for your websites that you need. thanks for the luv.

  17. says

    I definitely appreciate any blog post that goes to the extent that this post does to fully explain these two plug-ins and how they can really help to exemplify a blog set up and the interaction between readers. To put in my two pennies about an earlier comment, I do know many bloggers regardless of politics, background, etc. who eliminate comments that they don’t agree with. My basic rule of thumb is I’ll publish comments that disagree with me as long as they don’t use foul language to insult me or other commenters, and as long as there is nothing there badmouthing someone else that could be construed as slander. Otherwise as long as it’s civil people are welcome to disagree with me as much as they want.
    .-= From Monty@Survival Kit Blog to you: Wilderness Survival Kits =-.

  18. says

    Hi Ari
    Thanks for a great in depth review of these two plugins.
    I already use CommentLuv – seems like a great way to give my commenters a small reward.
    I also tend to comment more on sites that use CommentLuv.
    Will have to start looking at KeywordLuv.
    .-= From Keith Davis@public speaking skills to you: Laugh and the world… =-.

  19. says

    I’m still not sure if I should use any of the plugins on my blog. Doing some research and found your post. It was very helpful in making my final decision. Thanks.

  20. says

    This is brilliant! I have read your “comment policy” and “optimize your name and website” articles, and they are both very useful.

    I really respect you for respecting us (your visitors), as unfortunately not many people believe nowadays that you should help one another our in the world of blogging.

    Far to many people post spam comments, so blogs clamp down on the comments, meaning not good for the commentator. This them makes the blog bad, as there is no incentive for users to participate in discussions and read articles.

    Basically I think you have it just right, and if I set up a comment system on my blog (which I have been meaning to do for ages), I would like to think that I could do it the same way you are.

    Thanks ever so much, this really is a great blog – that goes for the writers and commentators.

    Christopher :)
    .-= From Christopher Roberts to you: Is Social Media Just a Fad? =-.

  21. says

    Great Post.

    I love keyword luv and use it on every single blog of mine. It gets more comments and more traffic as well. The only downside is that by using these kind of plugins you will increase risk of getting lots and I mean lots of sam comments and trust me that’s really annoying

    • says

      You are absolutely right. I have received A LOT of spam from the plugins. However, my Aksimet plugin seems to capture a good number of them and then I’ll just do a bulk delete to the rest. If you get into some blogs like this one where some people actually blog to each other about real issues, you will get less because people won’t follow through your links on the crumby blogs (spam blogs) to find your blog. Anyway, thanks for using the plugins. I’m all about incentive, and they definitely deliver.

  22. says

    Hi Ari.

    Thanks for all the valuable tips.

    The concept behind CommentLuv is great and hopefully it will not become so abused that the search engines stop recognizing these links. I also wanted to mention that this post lead me to your post on the 35 useful blog plug-ins, which was another example of a truly helpful blog posting.

    Thanks Avron

  23. says

    Hi! I’ve been doing online marketing for about two years now. I started using keywordluv for a while about one year ago then stopped. I just started again realizing that it’s really important to promote a site with a varied number of methods and not just one or two. I’d strongly advise new-comers to take note and use a plethora of linking methods. Thanks, David

  24. says

    Comment Luv is an interesting plug-in. It doesn’t get the notoriety that Keyword Luv does, but could prove useful.

  25. says

    Hi Ari, ( I am a human …ha..ha )
    I have no idea what CommentLuv and KeywordLuv are before I read your post.
    You have clearly explain the good features and shown example with the 6 comments made in the picture.
    However, my friend told me not to comment in blog with these plugin for fear of penalty from Google.
    Can you share your opinion with his statement ( above )

  26. says

    Thanks for covering these plugins in such detail. I have Comment Luv and have been debating whether or not to get Keyword Luv as I am trying to limit the number of plugins I have in the interest of optimizing page speed. However, I probably will give it a go. As I’m sure you do, I currently attract a lot of spam comments but what has just occurred to me is that I could use this plugin as a quick and easy way of deciding which comments to delete. If posters have read the instructions and use the keyword functionality correctly then maybe I’ll let them through… all others will be destined for the trash!

  27. says

    Hello Ari,

    I came back to this page cos I have received a comment in my inbox.
    Anyway, I read your post again and got to understand the commentLuv a little better.
    May I ask you questions below ( If you read my comment):-
    1) What are some of the benefit to the blog performance?
    2) Specifically, does this plugin help to boost traffic to our blog?
    3) Does this plugin has any implication to the search engine?

    I hope to get this question cleared as I wanted to try it on my blog
    Dr. L M Foong

    • Ari Herzog says

      I always read comments.

      Responding to your queries, blog performance is unaffected with the plugin as there is minimal server load. Yes, it can boost traffic to your blog — but only if you register your blog on the CommentLuv site. And, the plugin is unrelated to search engines.

      • says

        Hi Ari,

        I am so pleased to see your reply in my inbox. To be honest, I seldom get reply on comments I made in blogs.
        Yeap ! I have registered with CommentLuv and now try to understand how to use it. There are options to add links and url’s with credit which I have yet to buy. I need to understand more about this plugin before I put my links / url there
        Thanks very much for the tips.
        Dr. L M Foong

        • says

          I don’t think Ari would mind if I shared a couple of posts that will assist Dr. Foong and others. I wrote a post on the official ComLuv site that explains How CommentLuv Works.

          Information on how to use CommentLuv anchor text links best explains that upgrade which I believe is well worth the small investment because you can write your own invitations to visit your blog or use a keyword phrase that is important to you.

          The post I’ll feature in CommentLuv in this reply also contains some comprehensive information about CommentLuv.

          • says

            Hi Gail,
            Thanks for your detail “how to” tips and links. I have visited all the 3 links and browsed thru all of them. They are all “how to tips” Great ! I have bookmarked them too! I need sometime to digest and implement them and seek to see a difference in my blog traffic.

            Thanks to Ari for allowing Gail to insert 3 links in his comment. These links really provides value add to me ( I am sure to others too ). I want to comment that this is one of the few blog that offers many value added tips on the subject matter.

            Dr. L M Foong

  28. mark@ California Car Insurance says

    All good points about the plugin. It took me awhile to realize how the Keyword Luv plugin functioned, but I eventually figured it out. People can really become an authority in their space just by utilizing these plugins and leaving relevant comments.

  29. says

    I am always surprised at the number of comments on KeywordLuv enabled sites that don’t take full advantage of the keyword field. I also noticed Todd Jordon mentioned CommentLuv? Have never heard of that one but will check it out. Thanks!

  30. says

    I always use comment luv and keyword luv because I have a feeling that my blog is interesting enough that I can capture even the attention of spammers before they try something shady, hah!

    Do you think it works like that? I still am undecided, some posts I allow keyword luv, some I don’t, just depends on my mood.

  31. says

    I recently write comments on sites with keywordluv and commentluv plug-in and I hope that this will be a good thing for my site.

  32. says

    Beth, I agree with you wholeheartedly! As I too am a writer or blogger, I often find the content, requires further questioning or debate. In order for the business of blogging and article writing to be seen as a serious contender for readers, there must be a level of integrity that supports the overriding aim of “SEO”, and this is in the content and article conversations. It is one thing to eliminate spam, but to view articles with editorial and comments that are just plain non relative, or in total disregard for the authors website, is a challenge for all writers in the business of search engine optimization. I expect as the business matures, that we will see an increase in professional approaches to blogging as our audience becomes more knowledgeable to the underlying methods and original purpose of blogging. Professional writing will set you apart as a SEO that meets the expectations of Google and its clients.

  33. says

    I agree with you. I include both of those plugins for all of my blogs and all of my clients blogs. Another plugin I like to use is Social Discussions. I do not utilize the full functionality, but there are parts about it I love. You should check it out!

  34. says

    Social Media marketing is a good way to gain in the ranking for search engine work in Arizona, search engine work in Phoenix, or even search engine work in Scottsdale. Knowledge of changes at Google is the key to your search engine optimization results and the internet success for your business.

    And KeywordLuv is very helpful on it.

  35. says

    Hi Ari,
    I read all the comments are meant for blogs. I have create a website using some web builder and wonder does it has the similar effect.
    p.s I am not sure how to install the “comment Luv” in my website since there is no plugin for it.


  36. says

    These two plugins are great… it reduces a lot of hassle that people used to go through. Now it legally offers a platform to everyone to interact with each other + get link juice.

    I have had an experience with spam comments (more than 100 per day!!) and it becomes very frustrating. AT times even good comments get spammed.

    Keywordluv is a good thing for blogs.. this helps streamline thw hwole process better. Before marketers used to spam all the blog posts to get backlinks – with keywordluv i am sure there will be drop in this.

  37. says

    great explanation for the proper use of keywordluv and commentluv plugins. They really do encourage people to post more comments on blogs. I like your blog Ari. Very clean and neat. It thesis I suppose. Cheers!


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