How to Enhance Your Blog Comment: Focus on KeywordLuv and CommentLuv

Comments have been disabled below. Please visit two updated and separate articles on how to promote your blog with CommentLuv and how to promote your blog with KeywordLuv. Please visit both.

If you frequently add comments on blogs, please accept my thanks. I and other bloggers enjoy reading your thoughts. We jump in joy (really, we do; ask Darren, Chris, Danny, Andrea, Kirsten, or Craig) whenever there is a new comment. If there is a request for response or a call to action, we add a comment back to you.

However, something needs to be said here. Your comment involves multiple parts — and the comment itself is but a bitty part. Forget its weight and focus on the other parts of your comment.

“Huh?” you are probably asking me right now.

Can I share with you a secret as the third part of my week-long series on boosting comments? Please lean your face in closer so nobody else can hear it…

First, an image of what you would see if you add a comment below:

Comment block on

The most important part of the comment you leave has nothing to do with the comment field, but everything you fill in above it: your name, your email address, your URL, and your Twitter handle.

At a minimum, your name and email address are required for reasons elaborated in my comment policy. Everyone fills in those fields. The email address is only shown to me, so I can email you if any questions or to follow-up down the road.

People write their name differently, though. Have a look at six comments added last weekend when I introduced this series. Feel free to click the image to zoom-in if you can’t see each name clearly:

Showing six comments from a recent blog post

The first five comments include the commenters’ names, and many also opted to fill-in their Twitter handles. Hone in on the sixth comment, by Debbie. Look at the red font, which indicates a link. Unlike the other names above her, her name is not linked but other words are linked. Have another look:

Closeup of comment name

Debbie took advantage of my installation of the KeywordLuv plugin (only for WordPress blogs), which enables you to create anchor text next to your name to better describe your URL.

Debbie chose to use words that are in her domain name. I’d argue those are not the best words to use from a search engine optimization perspective. Rather, she should have attributed her website to “Smart Digital Cameras” or “Jacksonville Camera Store” or such. Still, it’s notable the other five commenters only typed their names.

KeywordLuv enhances your URL with contextual linking. The format to use is instead of typing your name, type your name followed by the @ sign followed by the keywords.

For example, instead of your name field being John Smith, you could write:

John Smith @ Smart Blogging Tips
John Smith @ Hummingbird Lyrics
John Smith @ Social Media Strategy

Please limit to three words (after the @ sign) on this blog. If you add more words, be aware I will edit to maintain uniformity.

That’s KeywordLuv. Next up is CommentLuv.

Scrolling up to the screenshot of the six comments, do you see how Arafat, Jon, Mason, Dennis, and Debbie have links after their comments that indicate their last blog posts?

This is the direct result of the five of them previously opting to register a website (and my installation of the CommentLuv plugin for WordPress). Once they register a site and add their URL to a CommentLuv-enabled blog, they will see a dropdown menu in the vicinity of the submit button that offers a choice of the last 10 blog posts to associate with their comment.

In other words, each of them could have chosen one of ten posts to share with other readers — along with their KeywordLuv-enabled link to the URL and their name and Twitter handle.

For more background on both plugins and the benefits of each, please see advice by Growmap on KeywordLuv and Kikolani on CommentLuv.

There you have it, folks. Any questions?

Comments have been disabled below. Please visit two updated and separate articles on how to promote your blog with CommentLuv and how to promote your blog with KeywordLuv. Please visit both.


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