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Astrology Horoscopes

I recently set up an astrological application to automatically post my daily horoscope on my Facebook profile wall. While some friends of mine are professional tarot card readers and palmists, I typically view the occult with a skeptical eye. When newspapers on the same day in different cities display different horoscopes, how am I supposed to interpret them?

Earlier today, I was inaugurated into my role as city councilor. It was a momentous day for me, representing my debut foray into elected office and the capstone of ideas that have brewed in my brain since grade school, not to mention five months of campaigning that led to an Election Day victory. You can imagine my surprise and wonder when I saw my horoscope moments ago:

“If you’ve been keeping your composure in the midst of a complex or difficult situation, Virgo, today there may be a payoff for you. This could be the emotional payoff of seeing your faith and trust in doing the right thing rewarded. It could actually be a monetary payoff that has been delayed. Not that money is the focus, but the emphasis of the overall chart structure for you is on ease and release, as if you just turned in the test and were out the door. Expect an enjoyable evening, full of surprises.”

I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe everything happens for a reason. There must be an astrological significance to today. With my open mind, how else should I interpret this prediction other than accepting I was meant to receive it?

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  1. says

    Hi Ari,

    On Witches Night Out, a guy reading tarot cards at Partridge in a Bear Tree told me he saw a party in my future, with champagne and leading to a great success. At the time, I didn’t know we would have champagne at our launch party for NBPT Biz (thought we wouldn’t be able to afford it), but hey … even if it was a guess, it was pretty darn accurate. He thought maybe it was a wedding … congratulations on being officially an official.

  2. says


    I think there’s a tenancy for some folks to believe that horoscopes should dictate choice. We make all our own choices (even the ones that look like we’ve been forced to choose). But you’ve used this horoscope in a way that encourages you. You made your choice, took action, got the result, and now see this horoscope as an applause.

    Yay for you, my friend!


  3. Julie Roads says

    I’m skeptical too – or I was very much so – until I read The Birthday Book. It will blow your mind.

    Anyway, I love things like this – what happened to you today. Congrats on your inauguration…’tis monumentous, no matter which way you slice it!
    .-= New from Julie Roads: Write it and it will come. =-.

  4. says

    Congratulations on your position as city counselor. It takes a lot of strength and dedication to reach for those positions and I’m certain you will do wonderful!

    I love the synchronicity of that horoscope. I personally believe in readings but only when they are personal, directly for a person/place/thing, because they are really affected by the life situations at that moment of the person doing the reading. I personally believe this is why cities have different horoscopes… different people, in different places, doing a generic reading that really ends up mostly reflecting their own life. That said though, synchronicity is more than that, its us… whether you call it our subconscious or divine self…. shuffling through things that exist around us… and causing us to bring things that we need into our focus atm. There’s nothing quite as nice as getting a letter from your psyche saying job well done!
    .-= New from Kimberly Castleberry: Inspirational Moment: You Make Your Own Worth =-.

  5. Ari Herzog says

    Thanks for your thoughts, all. Julie, I’ll look into The Birthday Book as I never heard of it.

  6. says

    We have a saying here in the South:
    Even a blind pig can find an acorn once in a while.
    If the horoscope is right three days in a row, you need to play whatever numbers it says are lucky. Right once is a coincidence, however accurate it may be. It is uncanny, though, that someone writing that could even be close to right, without knowing the person.
    Then again, many other Virgos were scratching their heads saying it was not even close!