On Receiving

Astrology Horoscopes

I recently set up an astrological application to automatically post my daily horoscope on my Facebook profile wall. While some friends of mine are professional tarot card readers and palmists, I typically view the occult with a skeptical eye. When newspapers on the same day in different cities display different horoscopes, how am I supposed to interpret them?

Earlier today, I was inaugurated into my role as city councilor. It was a momentous day for me, representing my debut foray into elected office and the capstone of ideas that have brewed in my brain since grade school, not to mention five months of campaigning that led to an Election Day victory. You can imagine my surprise and wonder when I saw my horoscope moments ago:

“If you’ve been keeping your composure in the midst of a complex or difficult situation, Virgo, today there may be a payoff for you. This could be the emotional payoff of seeing your faith and trust in doing the right thing rewarded. It could actually be a monetary payoff that has been delayed. Not that money is the focus, but the emphasis of the overall chart structure for you is on ease and release, as if you just turned in the test and were out the door. Expect an enjoyable evening, full of surprises.”

I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe everything happens for a reason. There must be an astrological significance to today. With my open mind, how else should I interpret this prediction other than accepting I was meant to receive it?