Syndicating FourSquare to Twitter

Obama and Medvedev eat lunch.

Maggie Fox and Steve Radick entered different restaurants in different cities within an hour of each other and shared their locations with the world. As I write this sentence, Maggie is ordering lunch at Matsugen in New York City’s Tribeca neighborhood; and Steve is finishing his meal at a steakhouse in McLean, Virginia.

I enjoy reading Maggie’s and Steve’s tweets, ripe with social media strategies and government discourse, respectively; but I don’t give a hoot where and when they eat, drink, and play.

They’re not alone in wanting to emulate Carmen Sandiego. Many people opt to syndicate FourSquare check-ins to Twitter, or Twitter messages to LinkedIn, or LinkedIn updates to Facebook. I used to be part of that crowd, until I decided to unmash what was once mashed. Check-ins stay on Foursquare and tweets keep to Twitter.

You can use Twitter however you want, but that doesn’t mean everyone who follows you will like it. If enough people voice an opinion — or if you ask your followers for one — would you change your ways? Something to think about.