Syndicating FourSquare to Twitter

Obama and Medvedev eat lunch.

Maggie Fox and Steve Radick entered different restaurants in different cities within an hour of each other and shared their locations with the world. As I write this sentence, Maggie is ordering lunch at Matsugen in New York City’s Tribeca neighborhood; and Steve is finishing his meal at a steakhouse in McLean, Virginia.

I enjoy reading Maggie’s and Steve’s tweets, ripe with social media strategies and government discourse, respectively; but I don’t give a hoot where and when they eat, drink, and play.

They’re not alone in wanting to emulate Carmen Sandiego. Many people opt to syndicate FourSquare check-ins to Twitter, or Twitter messages to LinkedIn, or LinkedIn updates to Facebook. I used to be part of that crowd, until I decided to unmash what was once mashed. Check-ins stay on Foursquare and tweets keep to Twitter.

You can use Twitter however you want, but that doesn’t mean everyone who follows you will like it. If enough people voice an opinion — or if you ask your followers for one — would you change your ways? Something to think about.

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  1. says

    Ari – how did I know you’d have an issue with this? :) Seriously though – I get what you’re saying and agree with you in principle. However, I am not, nor have I ever been, about the extremes. I do this in moderation (not every checkin gets a tweet or FB post), and in the grand scheme of my tweets, they take up maybe .5% of them? There are likely as many people who are perturbed about it enough to write a blog post as there are people who like it. I like to do it because it gives people a sense of who I am, what I do throughout the day, and maybe even allows me to bump into someone at a place I wouldn’t have bumped into otherwise.

    So,yes, I can use Twitter however I want and I do realize that not everyone who follows me will like it – I’m ok with that.
    .-= From Steve Radick to you: When Was the Last Time Your Intranet Empowered Anyone =-.

    • Ari Herzog says

      The above was written from a moment in time, Steve, not an extrapolation of your entire Twitter timeline. It’s been something on my mind and your and her Foursquare-powered tweets inspired me to write something.

      I like to do it because it gives people a sense of who I am, what I do throughout the day, and maybe even allows me to bump into someone at a place I wouldn’t have bumped into otherwise.

      I’m curious if people say this to you.

  2. says

    I update Twitter with FourSquare every so often. The last time was when I was on vacation, mostly to let people know I was on vacation. And I think it’s a good thing for events that relate to your industry. But “I’m at Starbucks” every morning might be a bit too much information that your followers aren’t so interested in.
    .-= From Kristi to you: Strengthen Your Article Marketing With CommentLuv Links =-.

  3. says

    Ari, I’m fairly new on Twitter, but I’m finding a lot of people post a lot of inane stuff I don’t care about. It’s not that there can’t be some personal stuff, or tweets that only a few others will understand, but some people seem to tweet a hundred times a day, and unless — and likely even if — I love that person deeply, I don’t give a rat’s hindquarters about most of it.

    One woman kept tweeting her location as she went from shop to shop in a mall.
    .-= From John Soares to you: Blog World Expo 2010 in Las Vegas- My Unanswered Questions =-.

  4. says

    I agree with you because I find Foursquare updates on Twitter to be extremely annoying. If someone wants to follow where you are, then they can follow your Foursquare account directly.

    Twitter is a platform for sharing information and websites, and engaging people’s attention with interesting dialogue, conversation and thoughts, and I think Foursquare updates in the Twitter stream take away from this. On LinkedIn or Facebook updates from Foursquare are even more annoying, and probably result in all followers choosing the “ignore” option for all the updates. At least that’s what I do when people regularly update their streams with location-based updates.
    .-= From Jared to you: Endless Winter =-.

  5. Wayne peters says

    I just started using foursquare and I can see how this can really be over used on twitter. I do agree that twitter is great for posting a website or event rather than where you are. May be fun though!