To Everyone Who Thinks I Am So Darned Busy

Welders at work

I don’t know why there is a perception I’m busy. Maybe because I juggle two hats as an online media strategist and an elected city councilor. Maybe because I’m all over the web. Maybe because of this, maybe because of that. All I know is it is frustrating when I hear people tell me or write me that they are sorry to bother me because I’m busy — because I’m not.

I wrote something in this space 18 months ago about my transition into working for myself as a sole proprietor. I’ve accomplished many fine things and I am satisfied as a result of those accomplishments. I wrote, at the time, about reading a book that set me on my way. That was then and this is now, and I need to read that book again because I’m back where I started. I’m once again circling in the cul-de-sac.

To everyone who thinks I am so busy, I’m not. But if that’s the perception I portray, just wait because I’m about to REALLY get busy in a job search I’ve purposefully put off these 18 months.

I’ve tried making it on my own, but a speaking gig here and a consulting gig there are not paying the bills. In recent days, I’ve been corresponding with people (many of whom I’ve met and befriended over the past year and a half) about how to best leverage my 10 years of experience in information technology, journalism, and government administration — and my newer experience in social media marketing — to secure a position at the intersection of public affairs and cloud computing integrated digital marketing.

I don’t know what is going to happen; and truth be told, I’m pretty scared about writing this blog post. But if I’m not honest about who I am and what I’m doing and why I need to start chasing my dreams and stop putting them off, and if I’m not honest about all of this right here and right now, then why the heck am I online?

Stay tuned. I don’t know what content my next blog post will contain, but, like I wrote a few days ago about increasing productivity, it will probably be something unlike anything I’ve written here before.

In the meantime, if you’re in a position to help me out in some capacity, you can visit my LinkedIn profile or email me here. Thanks.