Uh oh, something happened!

Uh oh, something happened and the page you tried to visit doesn’t exist. This probably means it was moved when I created my campaign website.

To quickly get you to where you need to be, I suggest editing the URL in your browser’s location field and adding the directory “blog” as in the following example:

  • If you are trying to visit http://ariherzog.com/this-is-a-blog-post
  • Then you need to edit that to http://ariherzog.com/blog/this-is-a-blog-post

Following these steps will get you back on your way. Sorry for any delay. Please bookmark my new blog location.

In the meantime, please peruse my tweets and visit me on Facebook.

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If you’re looking for my campaign website to volunteer, donate, or learn about why I’m running, click here.