Marching Forward Into a New Year

As I write this sentence, 2016 arrives in about 10 hours.

I’ll either be curled under my covers sleeping or maybe watching a late-night movie.

I once dreaded spending New Year’s Eve alone; but, at 40 and uninterested in crowds and drunkenness (in part because I rarely drink these days), I’m fine with the solitude.

In years past I attended First Night parties, gawked at ice sculptures, applauded the Times Square ball dropping, watched fireworks, drank champagne, played board games, and kissed girls under mistletoe.

Search the web and find articles like this and this and this and this about NYE as a hyped and anticlimactic celebration. Exactly.

The first day of 2016 arrives on a Friday. I’ll wake up early, go to the gym, shower and eat breakfast, and march forward.


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By Ari Herzog

Ari Herzog is a teacher and tutor with 20+ years of experience in education, government, and communications. He is blogging during the coronavirus pandemic to make the world a better place.