Six years after launching a digital marketing agency and offering consulting services to help small business owners with social media, email, mobile, and related technologies, I miss coworkers and the water bubbler.

I want a full-time position in digital marketing.

✔ 15 years of experience working and consulting in technology, media, and government

✔ 9+ years of senior-level management experience in state and local government, including election to the Newburyport City Council

✔ 6+ years as entrepreneur and principal of digital marketing agency: teacher/trainer of social media courses and workshops in Boston, Chicago, and Washington, DC. to 500+ students, small business owners, and working adults; and online community manager for B2B, B2C, nonprofit, and government clientsv

✔ Master’s degree in Public Administration and B.S. in Sociology

✔ Discovered the digital ecosystem at age 7. Wrote about the web for college newspaper in 1995. Built first website in 1996. Began blogging in 2004, joined Facebook in 2005, and ran first online political campaign in 2009. User of Wordpress, Instagram, Twitter, and other tools. Knows the difference between Spotify and Storify.

✔ Blogged about digital media and related topics for 7+ years to a readership of now-6,500 unique monthly visitors

2009 - present

Digital AH


I’ve analyzed social media profiles for brands, auditing their digital footprints to determine alignment to missions, identifying opportunities for bolstering online community engagement, and managing online communities. Clients included UNO Pizzeria (restaurant); Osmium (clothing company); Flextronics (contract manufacturer); Social Media Today (internet news site); and Action for Boston Community Development, Long Way Home, and Doors to History (nonprofits).

I continue to teach digital marketing to 100+ students in Massachusetts as a MBA professor and adult education instructor, and to hundreds more as a corporate trainer and conference panelist.

2010 - present

Newburyport City Council

Elected City Councilman (assorted evenings)

Serving my third term, I’m chairman of the public utilities committee and sit on the neighborhoods and city services committee. I’m a liaison to the cable advisory commission.

2014 - 2015

Town of Hamilton

Information and Communication Specialist

I managed the town’s first footprints on Facebook and Twitter, assisting in sharing information to residents, elected officials, and the region.

North Shore Media Makers [link]

North Shore Broadband Forum [link]

2014 Board Director
Massachusetts Municipal Association

2014 Second Vice President
Massachusetts Municipal Councilors Association

Master in Public Administration

Suffolk University, 2007

B.S. in Sociology

Worcester State College, 1999