Why I Want Weak Ties

Facebook says: ...you should only send friend requests to people you have a real-life connection to, like your friends, family, coworkers or classmates. LinkedIn says: ...the basic type of connection is a contact you know personally and who you … [Read more]

Strategies and Tips on Social Media Marketing

June 2010 seems like an eternity ago when I took initiative and created a LinkedIn Group to share strategies and tips in social media marketing. I invited friends and industry colleagues to join and participate. They did that, and they told their … [Read more]

Why You Should Ask Why

Run a Google search for the exact phrase, "how to write a blog," and peruse through 416,000 results. Type "why to write a blog" and see 47,300 results. If you agree successful online content (the type that one bookmarks and shares with others) … [Read more]

How to Be Productive on Facebook

Facebook productivity increases when you read a status update from a profile or page and opt to like, comment, or share. When you don't click those options, you are stuck in lurker mode and eventually get bored. It is a misnomer that you need … [Read more]

If You Could Turn Back Time

"There are no regrets in life," said Jennifer Aniston. "Just lessons." I believe we are put on Earth for a reason and our lives are dictated to discover that reason. Everything we do is destined. I believe there is free will and we choose how and … [Read more]