Why You Should Stop Reading the News

Before you read my thoughts on the subject, here is what Thoreau wrote in 1854: I don't learn anything in the news. It's the same content regurgitated with changed names and places. That's boring. That's a waste of my productivity. Instead, … [Read more]

30 Tips To Be a Digital Storyteller

Everyone wants to be a blogger. After eight years at it, I know something about digital storytelling. I wrote the below list in 2013 and recently updated it, providing a primer for people who determine if blogging is right for them. 1. Choose a … [Read more]

Happy 8th Birthday to My Blog

May 2015 marked the eighth birthday of my blog! It’s seen three URLs, multiple names, and many designs. You can visit the archive and read my initial blog posts about apartment life and everything under the sun, tracing when I started writing … [Read more]

Weekend Reading

Here are some articles I’ve recently read and shared. You may enjoy them too... First, a fun video: Between Medium and Linkedin, which has a better audience for content marketing? Are you confusing marketing and communications? Do … [Read more]

I Ate a Pretzel Last Night

That's right. Paleo me ate a pretzel. Dipped in cheese. I ate some bread, too. They were delicious. I don't eat bread products often. I tend to avoid sugar and anything that breaks down into sugar. I started the paleo lifestyle in July 2014 and I … [Read more]

The Gender Gap

Facebook gives you a choice of 58 genders to associate your profile. I'm a male -- but I could just as easily choose to be agender (someone with no gender or a neutral gender), bigender (someone who is male and female at different times), pangender … [Read more]