Tracking 2 Weeks of Blog Visitors

Since I announced 15 days ago that I wanted to increase blog visitors and decrease people bouncing out during the month of August, I wrote followup posts on August 5, August 11, and August 16. Comparing three Saturdays according to different … [Read more]

How To Be a Better Guest Blogger

Every blog publisher wants to increase eyeballs and visits. We are open to introducing our readers to new voices by way of guest posts; but, after years of blogging and receiving email requests from wannabe bloggers, I've learned that a lot of people … [Read more]

Social is More Important Than Social Media

I bought a Shark steam mop a few months ago and, with a question about the best way to wash its microfiber pads, I first turned to Google. Results suggested different customer opinions. I wanted to know what the company thought and didn't feel like … [Read more]

When I Was Hired Sight Unseen

Considering the multiple steps of job searching today -- telephone screenings followed by multiple levels of in-person interviews followed by an offer or rejection -- I think back to the spring of 2001 before the end of the dot-com bubble. I'd … [Read more]

Challenge to Increase Blog Visitors

Google Analytics tells me that 538 visitors came to my blog in July 2015, spending an abysmal 32 seconds here and causing the bounce rate to jump to 77 percent. January saw 923 visitors and a 7% bounce rate. Bounce rate is a key metric to … [Read more]

Why You Should Stop Reading the News

Before you read my thoughts on the subject, here is what Thoreau wrote in 1854: I don't learn anything in the news. It's the same content regurgitated with changed names and places. That's boring. That's a waste of my productivity. Instead, … [Read more]