Yikes! 10 Years on Facebook…!

I created my Facebook account as a graduate student when the site was only available to people with .edu email addresses. The date was Saturday, April 30, 2005 at 1:16 a.m. EDT. As my 10-year anniversary approaches, it won't be a normal online … [Read more]

Why Your Website Might Lose its Google Rank

Starting April 21, 2015, Google is penalizing any website from appearing in its search results if the website is not mobile responsive. This means if your website has small text, links too close together, or other elements that prevents Googlebot … [Read more]

Be Wary of Absent Ties

...in some places. Mathematical sociology suggests there are three types of interpersonal connections. Strong ties are people who live, work, or play with you. Weak ties are people who may have been strong ties but are now acquaintances or … [Read more]

Weekend Reading

Here are some articles I've read and shared online over the past week. I enjoyed them and you may too. Have a great weekend. Discover why Facebook is making changes to its Messenger chat application. Be repulsed by partying elephants. Read … [Read more]

When Wikipedia Misses the Facts

Wikipedia prides itself on always providing a neutral point of view. As long as there is a reliable source without bias, their editors ensure the content is printed. Why, then, is the page on penguins lacking a 2008 scientific discovery by the BBC … [Read more]

Why I Want Weak Ties

Facebook says: ...you should only send friend requests to people you have a real-life connection to, like your friends, family, coworkers or classmates. LinkedIn says: ...the basic type of connection is a contact you know personally and who you … [Read more]