Be Found for FREE: Add Yourself to the White Pages

Yellow Pages printed advertising may be dying, but what about individual or business telephone listings in the White Pages?

Not the printed books, mind you, but the online White Pages.

White Pages logo

From the website at

WhitePages is your go-to source for the most reliable contact information online. With accurate information for almost 200 million U.S. adults, we make finding and connecting with others incredibly simple—and incredibly free.

Want to find someone’s phone number? Input a last name and zip code and voila! I take advantage of the site a lot — and I registered my free listing today. Click here to see my name, age, city, state, and zip code; along with my Google Voice phone number, anonymous link to my email address, and even my Twitter link. (You can also add links to your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.)

The site is very SEO-friendly, for if you clear your browser cache and search Google for “ari herzog phone,” you will see my White Pages link in the first 10 results. Pretty neat, no?

Whether you’re an individual or a business, what are you waiting for? Did I mention it’s free?

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  1. says

    I listed myself too, although I left off my phone number, as I do have that infamous phone phobia. :) Nice tip, especially since it links to your top social profiles. Did you look at the site that the WhitePages info is linked too?
    .-= From Kristi@Blogging Tips to you: 8 Ways Businesses Should Use Social Media =-.

      • says

        I did… I have several listings on there for whatever reason. If you login, you can see all of the profiles it associates with your name and email. It found my Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bebo, Amazon wishlist, Pandora, and Friendster profiles.
        .-= From Kristi@Blogging Tips to you: 8 Ways Businesses Should Use Social Media =-.

          • says

            I don’t know if this is how it really works, but it seems to connect your name to the most popular social profiles for someone with the same name, assuming that more people are searching for that person. Of course, when you sign up for, you give them your email, and that gives them the ability to find any profiles linked to that email. So basically, signing up gives them more data to share for people searching. It also makes sure if you have someone out there with the same name that you are claiming your own profiles, if that makes sense.
            .-= From Kristi@Blogging Tips to you: 8 Ways Businesses Should Use Social Media =-.

  2. says

    While the last thing I need is another account to keep track of, I’m taking the plunge. Seems easy enough. I don’t think it will add much to my on-line brand management overall, but you never know.
    .-= From James @ photos for bloggers to you: Tiny Snake =-.

    • Ari Herzog says

      Exactly, never assume how someone finds you. The more you give, the more you get.