Loving Kikolani and 15 More Bloggers

If you have never visited Kristi Hines’ blogging blog, Kikolani, why not? On her about page, she writes, “I am what you could consider a social media enthusiast. I will try many sites at least once or twice just to see what they are about, and if the community is good, I’ll stick around, or occasionally pop in.”


Kristi is the impetus for my Satisfying Saturday series, four weeks strong now; and she is the person you need to thank for my introducing you to the bloggers I reference below.

Before you scroll down, there is something these 15 (and Kristi and me) share: we all power our blogs with WordPress and we all use Andy Bailey’s CommentLuv plugin to instantly know what the other person wrote as an alternative to accessing our RSS readers and visiting blog sites. Never heard about CommentLuv? Kristi shares its loving benefits. You can also read this link about some of the other WordPress plugins I use.

Most of the below folks I discovered from their comments on Kristi’s blog posts. Others I found in other places, but Kristi is the root, the queen social linking mother. If X hadn’t commented to her, and Y hadn’t commented to X, and Z hadn’t commented to Y, I’d have a harder time learning of Z. Make sense?

1. Arafat Hossain Piyada shares websites and computer tips from The Netherlands India on his Worthy Tips blog to increase your productivity. He recently wrote about how a hacker can gain access to your Facebook information if you don’t change certain privacy settings.

2. Peter Pelliccia writes from Australia with the tagline, blogging for fame and glory, on his funny-named blog, WassupBlog. He recently wrote about a tendency of some spammers to add multiple comments to blog posts in the hope someone would click to their website for less-than-honest reasons.

3. Karl Foxley, Antti Kokkonen, Hesham Zebida, and others from around the world pen entries on a group blog called Famous Bloggers, writing about everything from internet marketing and making money online to search engine optimization and social networking. Foxley, earlier this week, shared 5 tips to write guest posts.

4. Michael Fletcher wants to help you make money blogging. Writing from South Africa, he recently stepped back and opined on the benefits of meditation.

5. Justin Germino is better known by his pseudonym, Dragon Blogger, where the Arizona blogger recently wrote about the benefits of blogging.

6. From dragons to typhoons and from Arizona to India, we find 16-year-old Sushant who blogs as Typhoon Blogger on a site called Smart Bloggerz. That says oodles about the subject matter, such as his latest on generating blog traffic.

7. Rose DesRochers hails from California Canada where she writes about everything under the sun, with recent posts ranging from why WordPress bloggers should check Akismet for spam, the etiquette on Twitter, and shopping.

8. Like Rose, Canadian blogger Glen (I don’t know his last name) also writes from his heart as a social commentator. I enjoyed his story yesterday about taking his mother to the hospital and learning the hospital’s customer service was less than cordial.

9. Jenny (I don’t know her last name either) writes about blogging-related topics, such as her piece I enjoyed last month on how to increase the amount of time a blog reader stays on that blog before bouncing off elsewhere, and what Google Analytics has to do with it.

10. “Extreme John” Bermedez rants and raves about a potpourri of topics, such as business, music, and indoor tanning. My introduction to his blog was via a list of 27 ways you already succeed.

11. Dave Doolin of Website in a Weekend is a smart guy, and I don’t write that because he has a PhD. His entrepreneurialism is interspersed with happy-go-lucky humor, and that is evident on the people commenting on his blog posts, such as his latest when he wrote about nothing at all.

12. Texan military mother Ms. Freeman writes from the perspective of an internet entrepreneur about useful topics, such as 9 networking tips for shy people.

13. Similar in age and hundreds of miles south, John Sullivan writes about the business of blogging. Want some advice what to write about this year? John provides.

14. Dennis Edell is another on this list who writes about web marketing from his home base in New York. I don’t know his stuff all that well yet, but he’s amid purging RSS subscriptions and starting fresh, so head on over there and add some comments so he can click back to your site and learn what you’re about.

15. Finally, if you want free blog help, click that link and heed the words of Gabe Young. Here’s one to leave you thinking: How the Google PageRank algorithm was updated.

Do you better understand why I donated to CommentLuv developer Andy Bailey over the holiday season? Take a look at the plugin, and take a look at these bloggers. If you like what they have to offer, subscribe and comment. They’ll reciprocally share the love and comment back when inspired; I guarantee it.

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  1. says

    Ok stop right there. Are you talking about me? I’m Canadian my dear. I live in Ontario. lol

    Thank you for the linking love, but could you edit this to make me a Canuck. :)

    I’ll be dropping by to visit some of the other bloggers you mentioned.

    Some of them I already visit.

    • Ari Herzog says

      So edited. I’d seen your Canadian flag on the blog, but I presumed the long and narrow state due to your whois report… though, I suppose, that may be your registrar and not you.

  2. says

    Yes Kristi’s blog is really fantastic, I am one regular visitor of her blog, I like the post where she collect some nice article about blogging, SEO topics.

    Well I have linked to your blog on my latest post, please let me know if you want to change the anchor text of your blog.
    .-= New from chandan: Most favorite blogs of work at home blogger =-.

  3. says

    A very nice compilation of posts Ari, and thanks so much for including me amongst all those special bloggers.

    I also made a small contribution to Andy’s commentluv as I thought it was the least I could do considering all it’s done for me. If anyone deserves a little help for all the continued work he’s putting into it’s development it would be Andy.
    .-= New from Sire@WassupBlog: Dragons Creatures Of Mystery =-.

  4. says

    Ah excuse me are you trying to jinx me by putting me @13 I’m not 13 strike that LOL :) You know (well u will know now :) ) that I have been a “little” taken aback in factoring the whole of your comments all over the place and thought man this guy just whips out “whatever” but after a further analysis my conclusion is that we BOTH may often be misunderstood. People OFTEN think I’m crazy because I just Blurt random things off Twitter and FB to amuse myself.But the thing we have in common is we’re not bad guys after all.
    I said that not because you added me but because I may often just jump to conclusions that I THINK I know someone. Like myself if people took a SEC to think they may find out what they thought they knew and reality is often two different things :) Peace Have a Great DAY :) Thank YOU
    .-= New from John Sullivan : Some ranDumb thoughts about blogging =-.

    • Ari Herzog says

      If you’re saying the same thing everyone else says, where’s the diversity in that? Good for you for being unique, even if it leads to misunderstanding. You are only you.

  5. says

    It’s always really nice to see a post of mine being shared so thank you very much for the mention and the link.

    The post was my first guest post at Famous Bloggers and I was really happy with all the positive feedback I have received.

    Thanks again Ari and it is great to see you mentioning some of great bloggers and their blogs.

    .-= New from Karl Foxley: What Are The Best Links For SEO And How To Get Them? =-.

    • Ari Herzog says

      Ahh, I’m a new RSS subscriber of the site so hadn’t realized the extent of your contribution. Maybe you’ll be back?

  6. says

    I have visited some of the blogs you have mentioned here and I can say that they are really worth to mention. Their approaches are unique in their own way and they provide valuable knowledge beneficial to their readers. :-)

  7. says

    Thanks so much for the great recommendation. I never thought of myself as the queen social linker, but I like the title. :)

    Reading this makes me very happy to know that my site does help connect a lot of great bloggers together. It is truly satisfying to visit other sites and see so many of my commenting community connecting to each other as well. This is a great list of CommentLuv bloggers, a few that I haven’t seen yet and will have to go check out.

    Thanks again… this is truly a Satisfying Saturday!
    .-= New from Kikolani: Freelance Friday – Your Ideal Project Profile, New Years Resolutions & More =-.

  8. says

    Thanks for the link.
    I feel like I’ve won an academy award or something.

    I don’t need to give a speech do I?
    Ummm…Thanks Mom and Dad.
    And my director whose name escapes me at the moment. We shared some laughs I think.
    And to…

  9. says

    Ari, this is my first time here (you have commented several times at my blog, so I am sorry it took so long to get here!) and I really like the fact that you give out “BloggerLuv” to these bloggers, most of which I also read and comment frequently on.

    Just subscribed, so I will be slamming your posts with my rambling comments now! :-)
    .-= New from Keith@Need Information: Blogger Luv =-.

  10. says

    Thank you so much for the inclusion in your post. There are a lot of great links here that I am definitely taking the time to check out.

    BTW I added the ‘Subscribe to Comments’ plug-in to my blog. Now I need to go and customize it like you have done here. :)
    .-= New from Ms. Freeman@Internet Entrepreneur: A Plea On Behalf of Haiti =-.

  11. says

    Hi Ari

    I must say a year late is better than never to thank you for the mention. I am sorry my 2010 was confusing and illness prevailed.

    A great list of bloggers you have on this list and I am grateful that I can now go visit there site. Also, will be stopping back here more often, thanks for the mention and looking forward to future posts!