Do You Want to Vote?

This is not a trick question.

If you want the ability to vote, you need to tell your city councilors — because there are two potential ballot questions that could appear on your November 2015 ballot. I’ve heard rumors that some councilors are opposed to one or both questions. This is the same ballot when you vote for city council and school committee members.

The first question (cosponsored by me and Councilor Kinsey) asks if you support community water fluoridation. If the majority says yes, the status quo remains. If the majority say no, fluoride is removed for a minimum of two years.

The second question (cosponsored by Councilors Cronin and O’Brien) asks if you support repealing the plastic bag ban.

The fluoride question has already received some council discussion and it will continue on January 26th. If the council says yes to adding the question, then a home rule petition is sent to Beacon Hill for their approval as a prerequisite to ballot publication. If the council says no, then the order dies on the floor.

The bag question will arrive as a late-file to the agenda, which you can download here.

If there is a possibility for any ballot question for you to vote on any topic, I want to give you that opportunity. My feelings are irrelevant. I hope my co-councilors agree.

Regardless how you feel about fluoridation or plastic bags, if you want to be empowered to vote your conscience on those issues, please come Monday night and sign up to speak for up to 2 minutes during our public comment period. On the other hand, if you don’t want to be granted an opportunity to vote, say that.

Looking For Me on Facebook?

I created my Facebook account in April 2005. The site was only available for people with dot-edu email addresses. I was a MPA graduate student at Suffolk University. Someone told me about it, explained why Facebook was better than MySpace. Curiosity turned into a distraction and my life changed.

Late last year I thought about deactivating my account before my 10-year anniversary. But, I’m not going to that. I will stay there but use it minimally.

Over the past 30 days, I unfriended everyone who wasn’t a family member or close friend. I deleted numerous groups and pages I previously set up for my councilor and candidate hats. I unsubscribed from some groups and unliked certain pages. I unlinked my Facebook profile from this blog and other online locations. Call it new year cleaning.

I may weigh in with thoughts here and there on Facebook groups, and I will always respond if someone tags me with a notification to reply. But I will otherwise use this blog to share thoughts from my city council desk.

If you know someone who wants to receive an email message every time I publish a new blog post, point them here to sign up. Thanks.