You Can Always Find Council Agendas Here

When I receive agendas from the city clerk, I upload them to my Dropbox account and link to them on the right margin of my council blog.

Here is a link to the 106-page agenda for May 26, for instance. It’s a PDF file which can be interpreted by most computers and smartphones without additional apps.

You’ll note the Orders section is dominated by me. I’m sponsoring a resolution to declare June 21 as a day of yoga (piggybacking a UN declaration), an order to authorize DPS to remove excess signs from public property, and a contract for an electricity aggregation plan. It all goes down at 7:30 p.m. on the 26th. Got a question or comment about something? Come by a few minutes early and sign your name on the hanging sheet.

Do We Want Business to Stay in Newburyport?

In the wake of news this week that iMarc is moving from Newburyport to Amesbury because it needs larger space, we must ask a simple question:

Do we want business to stay in Newburyport?


If yes, what we we doing about it?

In 2014, the Newburyport Cleantech Center (now called the Chestnut Innovation Center) moved from Newburyport to Amesbury because it needed more space.

In 2013, Enpro moved from Newburyport to Salisbury because it needed more space.

There is plenty of room for expansion in the industrial business park. Not to build out but to build up. If Newburyport is serious about attracting and retaining business and talent in this city, we need to seriously consider highrise commercial development. The idea will never work downtown but it could easily work in the Graf Street neighborhood. Think about it.

The first step is to hire a full-time economic development director. But, without an agreed-upon vision — and I can assure you that highrise development is not in the working Master Plan — there’s no need to hire this person. Which brings us back to where we are today and businesses leaving this city.

P.S. Congratulations to iMarc. I’m acquainted with many of your employees who praise their work environment. I hope you continue to do well.